Age in Sexuality

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Some of the questions directed to me by the branch pointed out that some of the people got a wrong feeling that “your sexuality lasted until a limited age, and your sexuality ended when you entered the menopause”. For this reason, in this article, I wanted to correct some misperceptions about the age of your sexuality.
First you have to start with the source of your sexuality
Libido, a sexual impulse, is a “driving force” that drives people to search for sexual acts and behaves just like hunger, thirst, self-protection. Hunger directs the person to look for and eat food, and to ensure that the intended body receives the items needed to maintain life. Here, the libido is directed towards bringing it back to a new living world with a cinsten against him, in order to maintain the descendant of the living thing that the creature belongs to.


The definition of your sexuality is, of course, not that simple. There are also other sources of “libidonun”: sexuality, self-satisfaction, need for victory, need for victory, need for belonging, need for admiration, need for admiration, can be initiated for the purpose of experiencing the feeling of conquering the other side, as well as sadism and masochism it can also work towards transforming trends into action.

In men, the libido has peaked between the ages of 20-30. As long as a man is healthy, he may retain his ability to have an erection and orgasm until he is older. However, as the age progresses (the age I mentioned here, 70 and above), naturally occurring changes can cause the erection to be less effective.
During the period when the male partner is pregnant, there is usually no change in the libidosus, which may cause occasional rubbing between the unconscious father and his wife. The fact that every father-in-law knows the changes that may occur in his wife during pregnancy and that he is more understanding about his wife makes it possible to minimize these problems.

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