Advice For Perfect Kissing

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Take it easy
Keep in mind; it is not a good tactic to dip your language into the mouth of your partner and turn it into your mouth like a crazy washing machine. Instead, start by kissing your partner gently from your lips. Then slowly move your language into the mouth of the person in front of you and gently rub your language with your own language. Also if you have a partner who likes soft and tiny kisses; “Put small and light kisses on every part of your partner’s mouth. Kiss the edges of your lips, kiss your lips and gold … ” This tactic will make you both excited and want to kiss more intensely.

Be physical
A good kiss is not just tongues and lips. Much more skill is needed for a good kiss. Let’s start with a standstill. Naturally, your bodies will be very close together. But in the beginning, if you want your partner to really want you, make sure your body is not totally touching each other. Later, when things get hot, press your body firmly against your partner’s body. Making a voice while kissing is also a tactic that exacerbates the kiss. Your lips will be brought into contact with each other, and a small moan will add to eroticism. Because the vibrations coming out at this time will give you and your partner another focus point; sound.
You should not forget the folks! The hands have the power to turn an ordinary kiss into a perfect kiss. Carry your partner’s body gently. Your back, your face, your hair, your legs, your buttocks … Where it fits you.

Trust yourself
A self-confident person always gives the best kisses. Relax and keep in mind that kissing is fun! A fresh breath will make you feel more comfortable and safe for yourself, so it is always good to have gum mastic with you.

Be passionate
If you give kissy kisses, that kiss will never be good! But most importantly, believe your good kiss. This will give you a better kiss than your normal kiss. Remember, the person kissing you kisses you for thinking you’re sexy. Yes, you are a sexy woman and you are good at it!

The kiss that moves in a monotone rhythm starts to become boring after a while. If you want to have a good kiss, you should not give your kiss a uniform but a mixed one. Be bold. Gently bite your partner’s lower lid and assure the upper lid. Then step towards your ears and bite gently before you make sure the earlobe. Continue with soft kisses down the neck and then back to your lips. Bite the lower lip slightly and run around the lips of your tongue. If you feel sexy, you can have “face sex” with your partner. This means making the movements you made during your sex with your mouth. Tilt your lips around your partner’s lips and then insert your tongue into your mouth. The ear may come silly, but you will be very pleased when you do it.

Listen to your partner
Do not forget to be the same frekans with your partner who is kissing. Just as it is clever, everybody is driven from different things by kissing. Some like soft kisses, others like passionate French kisses. That’s why we recommend you, listen to your partner and watch what he does with his body. You will soon discover how your partner is driven by kisses.

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